Professor Fate

That thing he do is to understand & re-allocate THE FUTURE


Let’s say Dr Deathray and Professor Fate are crossing the street (to get to the chicken). Professor Fate decides TO SEE THE WORLD OF TOMORROW, so he spins up his power. EEK! In barely a few seconds, a car is going to barrel around the corner and flatten the two intrepid superheroes like so much chicken scallopini (on the other side of the road). Professor Fate reaches through the fabric of fate, ensuring that the tire squeal occurs just a second or two after they have crossed the road (thereby reaching the aforementioned chicken). PHEW! That was a close call. But wait, for Fate has a morbid sense of humour and an unforbidding penchant for justice. Man cannot simply meddle in its affairs. The dark fate that would have affected the two heroes seeps out of the Professor’s clenched fist and drips onto an unsuspecting bystander, using a complicated formula looking something like this.

In short, the kindly old grandmother following the two superheroes gets crushed by a Prius.



That’s Tarquin Jeremiah Fate to you, peasant.

Of the Kentucky Fates.

Professor Fate

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