Siegfried "The Magician" Romano

An Ex-Con Who Can Make Anything But His Problems Disappear


Once a professional magician, Siegfried’s career began to falter after his power to make whatever he touches disappear manifested. Under the stress of the stage, it was too hard to turn off his power at the right time, and his act fell apart. He turned to crime, and since he was clearly an escape risk he served in a supermax prison. Recently released, he is trying to rebuild his life.


Siegfried started learning sleight of hand when he was 8, with a cheap magic set he got for Christmas. As his parents grew apart, and eventually divorced, he found building his skills to be the best distraction from the chaos of home. He built a career performing in Las Vegas, and was on his way to becoming a top tier magician when his father passed away.
Siegfried hadn’t seen his father in years, and he was shocked when he found several books on the occult among his father’s meager belongings. He began reading them just to learn more of who his father was, but he soon found himself drawn into the study for its own right. When he performed the ritual to unlock his own mystical powers, he half-convinced himself it was as a joke,, but he was thrilled when he felt real power coursing through him.
A stage magician with real magic…it should have been a perfect combination, but Siegfried found that his ability to make objects disappear wasn’t easy to turn off. Just learning to dress and eat was a challenge, and keeping the focus to turn it off at the right moments while on stage and performing proved mostly beyond him. A few high profile failures ruined his reputation in Vegas, and it was hard to find paying work that didn’t require using your hands.
That was when he found out about his nephew’s condition. A rare form of cancer was going to cut Timmy’s life short before he even became a teenager. His parent’s insurance wouldn’t cover an experimental form of gene therapy that held the only real hope for his survival. Siegfried decided to put his power to use in order to help his family, and he attempted to rob a bank. Sadly, he ran afoul of *insert hero name here*, trying to earn a reputation as a superhero. He was quickly found guilty, and because of his unregistered powers and the flight risk he was tossed into a supermax prison among the worst of the super criminals. He has only recently received parole, and is doing his best to stay on the straight and narrow.

Siegfried "The Magician" Romano

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