Developed in the early 1980’s, the Unified Masey Scale consolidated several preexisting means of measuring Super Ordinary manifestations.

The UM Scale isn’t absolute; there is no device that swiftly and accurately measures the scale or scope of super powers, since super powers themselves don’t produce some universally measurable radiation upon which to base such a measurement. The Scale is based on observation using the following criteria:

Multiplicity – Does the power provide a single narrow effect, or a broad range of possible manifestations?

Potency – Does the manifestation present itself on a modest scale, or is it uniquely powerful?

Range – Is the range of the manifestation purely internal? Personal? Global?

Volume – Can the manifestation affect or enhance multiple targets?

Vulnerabilities – Does the manifestation create an exploitable flaw that offsets it’s subjective usefulness?

When a Super Ordinary Manifestation is examined, it is given a rating of one to ten on these metrics. The averaged value is usually the resulting UM rating, although it is not uncommon for ratings to be adjusted after the fact. Laboratory observations and real-world applications seldom produce the same results.

The UM Rating ranks Super ordinary persons on the following scale:

UM1 – Verifiable SO manifestation. No practical use.
UM2 – Mildly useful manifestation, providing an edge in some situations.
UM3 – Modestly useful manifestation, providing measurable advantage in some situations.
UM4 – Broadly useful manifestation, providing significant advantage in many situations.
UM5 – Clearly super human capacities than are plainly weaponizable, broadly utilitarian, or provide significant protection.
UM6 – Extreme capabilities, placing one at the top of a category in terms of capacity.
UM7 – Unparalleled capabilities. The fastest, strongest, etc of a category, with multiple expressions.
UM8PMD. Capable of causing widespread devastation, or affecting broad populations.
UM9PMD. As above. Can operate on a massive scale, affecting States and Nations.
UM10PMD. As above. Capable of destroying the world, or wiping out mankind.

Note that a UM rank of 7.0 or higher is considered a Person of Mass Destruction. Such persons are subject to additional rules and regulations under US and international law.


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