The Department of Super-Ordinary Affairs takes place on an analogue of the modern world where super-powers, though not always understood, are accepted to exist. In fact, they have become increasingly common, and the existence of extraordinary persons is an accepted part of every-day life.

Over the last several decades governments and private institutions have addressed these things, and pop culture has thoroughly adopted the reality of Super Ordinary persons.

The game will take place primarily in modern Seattle, but may travel elsewhere as the story demands.

For most Super-ordinary persons, their strange and miraculous powers have a ruinous affect on their lives. Jobs are lost, relationships ended, and families estranged over inexplicable abilities and bizarre mutations. Some, however, survive the crippling physical and emotional challenges, and rise above to become gods amongst men.

This game is not about them. It is about you.


The Department of Super-Ordinary Affairs thehalveric