Character Creation will largely be dictated by the RPG system we use. Since it is my hope to use a system that isn’t yet released, we don’t yet know what it’ll look like.

One key element that can be addressed ahead of time, however, is the issue of super powers. Each of the PCs will have some extraordinary ability. Exactly what those pwoers are,. how they work, and what crippling downside they force upon the PC is going to be a matter of negotiation.

I want the PCs to come up with powers they can enjoy; they needn’t be abilities that absolutely define the character in question, though they certainly can be. The more potent and useful they are, the more blatant and deleterious the side-effects. The more modest and incidental the power, the less they will impact the PC’s lives, for good or ill.

I fully expect this to be the hardest part of character creation.


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