In the world of Super-Ordinary Affairs, super heroes are a dime a dozen. While a handful of individuals in the super-powered population are possessed of extraordinary abilities, the vast majority have talents that are demonstrably inexplicable, but functionally useless.

None the less, every child who discovered a unique ability dreams of donning a cape and fighting for justice (and the occasional corporate endorsement). That child’s power may be utterly impractical in any kind of confrontation, but that’s hardly the point. Every major city has at least one resident hero, and government agencies strictly regulate what kind of crime designated Super-Ordinary persons may confront.

Since the golden age of the late 1980’s, super heroes have become increasingly commercialized, less focused on stopping law-breakers, and more concerned with maintaining a strong media presence and a solid brand. None the less, some of those who stumble into great power decide, against all logic, to use it with great responsibility.

This is their story.

Note from the GM-

This will be the third (or fourth) iteration of this setting, and it will build upon events and characters from previous chronicles.

The setting should be reminiscent of the Specials or Mystery Men. I like to play this game for laughs; the setting and characters can be silly and inane, and a finely honed sense of the ridiculous wouldn’t be a bad thing to pack. That being said, I also like to inject pathos where appropriate, and there is plenty of tragedy to be found in the sad lives of the people who populate this world.

Striking an entertaining balance between the two will be our ongoing challenge.

The Department of Super-Ordinary Affairs

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